VAKANTIEHUIS JÍVKA bij de beek Dřevíč,  in Jívka,  aan de voet van het Reuzengebergte, Tsjech.  Slaapkamers: 3Bedden: 8  (+ 3 Kinderledikantjes).  Honden welkom. Omheinde Tuin. Toiletten 2. Wastafels 2. DoucheWasmachine. Haard. SAT-TV.  Speeltoestellen


Vakantiehuis Jívka: Skipiste Radvanice 

Er zijn 3 skiliften bij deze piste.

The ski lift is situated in quiet part of municipaly Radvanice - camp Studénka in northern part of Jestřebí mountains, 17 km from the town Trutnov.
The ski lift starts in above sea level 550 m and is long 400 m exceeding 100 m. For the beginners is convenient small ski lift. The downhill route is covered by artificial snow (in the case of insufficient of snow). The routes are regulary formed. Wo offer to our visitors the other services - fast food, renting of skis and snowboards. 

Number of Chair lifts/Lits 0/2   Transport capacity 1 000 Pers./hour.   Length of ski races (total) 1,5 km   Snow making 0,5 km   Sea level 550-650 m

Class: ** Height above sea-level 550 - 650 m Available services refreshments / buffet, ski and snowboard rental Cable-cars / Ski-lifts, transport capacity: 0/2 – total 750 per person/per hour Downhill piste: 3 - total1.5 km, artificial snow 0.5 km Cross-country trails: 2 - total22 km

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